Author: K.F. Bradshaw34385039

Publisher: Wishbox Press

Publication Date: March 2017

Rating: 4./5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters (sapphic MC, sapphic LI)

Summary: The people of Damea are no strangers to magic. They have wielded it for years – woven it into their societies and everyday lives. It is a part of them, it breathes with them. But the magic is dying, and taking Damea with it. Andrea, an enchanter’s apprentice, is determined to bring it back. It will take her as well as the help of a skeptical stranger from another world to find and restore the magic before the land suffocates.


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Disclaimer: This book was provided for free as the October’s Sapphic Book Club read hosted by sapphicliterature.



One thing I really enjoyed about this book was its amazing pacing and the interesting world building. There were no info dumps or scenes that seemed hurried or stretched on until you were bored.

Most importantly I fell in love with pretty much all characters, almost immediately. We meet Andrea on her farm and are pretty quickly introduced to the stories main problem: the lack of magic. While people have slowly learned to live with the fact that magic is waning, the problems it causes are still ever-present. Andrea is determined to find a way to end this problem, starting her journey that will lead her much farther than she ever expected. Then we got to meet Cassie and slowly the other characters. What really helped me connect to all of them was that they were introduced one after the other and we could see them fall into the already formed group, as well as getting to know them individually.

Besides the constantly rising stakes, amazing characters and a super interesting world building, I also enjoyed the writing style most of the time. There were some moments during which you could see that it was the author’s first book, but this really picked up after the first few chapters and helped turn this book into a really engrossing and fascinating read.

Furthermore, I also quite liked the character’s relationships and especially Cassie’s and Andrea’s relationship was amazing to read, starting as unlikely allies and them rather unhappily working together, but then soon growing into actual friendship and later on even romantic feelings for each other. I found myself enjoying their romance more than I dared hope because the setting could have easily used cheap melodrama to ruin it for me, but it worked well most of the time.

There were some scenes of unnecessary miscommunication at the end, which bothered me a bit, but other than that I quite enjoyed the book.

Most importantly I am very interested in the second book of this series because despite their first journey being over, I am still incredibly interested in learning more about the other characters such as Kye and Elisa.

If you’re looking for an interesting fantasy story with a slow (oh so slow) burning f/f romance, interesting magic and a cast of great characters, then please do yourself a favor and check this book out.


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