Author: V.C. Andrews


Publisher: Pocket Star

Publication Date: 12 June 2017

Diversity: PoC (black MC)

TW: bullying, drug use, drugging

Rating: 3./5. Stars

Summary: Corliss is not like other girls at her Los Angeles high school. Incredibly intelligent, shy, and a loner, she has difficultly in fitting in. What’s worse, a clique of girls is out to get her after she refuses to take drugs with them, leading to a violent confrontation. When Corliss is unknowingly drugged, her entire life is turned upside down and no one—not even the handsome valedictorian who had agreed to go out with her—looks at her the same way. Will she be able to return to her high school or is there another path she can take? And where will it take her?


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Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


This book is the first novella in a series of four prequels leading up to Bittersweet Dreams, set in a school for people with a really high IQ. I have to say this book mostly caught my attention through its cover, which I find to be gorgeous. I do also adore V.C. Andrews writing, but this can’t be compared to her own work imho. I tried not to let the author name influence my opinion on this book, and I’m glad I did or I would have been gravely disappointed.

This book is a very quick read with only 50 pages and in it, we meet Corliss. She is very smart and can’t help herself blurting out random facts. Of course, her classmates feel as if she is showing off and they don’t like her and think her stuck up. When they offer her drugs and she refuses, they spike her drink. This night changes some of her reputation.

Corliss was definitely an interesting character. While her constant reminders of how smart she is can be a bit annoying after a while, I truly enjoyed reading about her as a character. Her life is not only influenced by her being incredibly smart, but also by her family’s poverty and the lack of education she is offered. Seeing her struggle with that was interesting and good to read.

What I didn’t like was the relationship she had with Jackson, their relationship was really flat and didn’t pull me in, and how they ended their relationship was also super weird. Don’t expect a love story from this novella, it isn’t one.

All in all this novella was interesting, but sadly a bit rushed. It only focuses on Corliss and we don’t get to know any of the other characters at all, which makes it hard to really see how they fit into the story. However, I’m excited for the next novella and I will definitely check it out, as well as the other two.


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