Rich Girl

Author: Joan Arling18463172

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Publication Date: 5. September 2013

Rating: 3./5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters

Summary: Once upon a time, there was a rich girl who got kicked out of her father’s mansion because she couldn’t care less about knights on white horses. Instead, she wants her happily ever after with another woman—with Dawn, a cashier at the local supermarket, to be more exact.

“Rich Girl” is a fairy tale without fairies, but with a villain, not one but two damsels in distress, and a helpful sprite. No princes, no dragons, but cash registers and guitars.


Order here: amazonYlva-Publishing


Dawn is a poor cashier, who despite not having to struggle too much to survive, also never has enough money to really get by. She’s also quite confident in her lesbian identity. Ric is a rich girl, who just recently accepted that she likes girls and after coming out to her father is disowned by him. Since Dawn has a spare apartment and neither of them has a lot of money, they move in together. That they find each other quite attractive is another bonus of course. And yet it’s not as easy as they thought it would be, especially not with Ric’s family trying to interfere with their lives.

This is a very short story featuring coming out, unsupportive families and love found in unexpected places. It is very sweet, but sadly doesn’t have nearly as much character development or story as I had expected and so the character’s still feel quite flat despite the things we see them go through.

It also doesn’t really feel like the fairytale the summary seems to be hinting towards and instead is more of a down-to-earth story featuring a poor working class girl and the daughter of a successful business man, which is definitely more modern.

There is quite a bit of insta-love, which felt really weird at times, but they were still sweet together and their relationship developed a bit more over the course of the story, but not enough for me to really love it. The writing is however quite nice to read and if the story had been a bit longer I would have probably loved it a lot more. I did love how Dawn always stood up for Ric though, especially when other people tried to hurt her.

All in all despite its flaws, this is a really sweet short story dealing with love and intolerance, but it always has a positive side and so it’s mostly really relaxing and nice to read. I also really liked the main Characters and that it features a HEA. So if you’re looking for a sweet little story, this is a good bet for you.



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