Love in Disaster

Author: Charlotte Greene31213290

Publisher: Bold Stroke Books

Publication Date: 14. March 2017

Diversity: LGBT characters

Rating: 2/5. Stars

TW: homophobia, parental abuse/violence, homophobic abuse

Summary: In New Orleans for a conference, exhausted English professor Kit Kelly has been going through the motions in just about every regard for some time now. She’s tired of her job and sick of sleeping around, and her life is starting to feel like one long, stale rerun of similar days and nights. A chance encounter with Teddy, a local chef, stirs an enthusiasm for life she hasn’t felt in a long time, but news of an impending hurricane threatens to disrupt what they’ve just begun.


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Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


When I picked up this book I really hoped I’d enjoy it more. A romance between an English Professor and a Chef? I can’t say I’ve read this combo before but it sounded really interesting.

Kit is stressed out, she has been traveling a lot during her summer break and now she has to visit a conference in New Orleans while being jet lagged and tired. And then there is also Teddy, who makes it impossible to even think about sleeping.

The sex scenes felt a bit much at first (hot but… a bit much), but the evened out a bit better towards the middle and they were quite well written, so I didn’t mind them that much, just be warned that there’s quite a lot of explicit sex scenes in this book.

I found the chemistry between Kit and Teddy to be a bit lacking. Of course, there was a sexual connection and they both were really hot for each other, but while we are told they spend a lot of time together, we are not shown them growing closer? I would have loved for their (at first probably quite awkward) situation of having to live together to be explored more so the story would give the readers the opportunity to see the characters grow closer together and get to know more about the other person. If this had happened I could have maybe actually bought the ending, but like this, I didn’t really like it?

A lot of the conflict felt super contrived as if to prolong the story? A colleague of her’s actually just… left her?? in New Orleans because she didn’t say anything good about her paper? I can’t imagine that anyone would act like such an ass, at least not when they know each other and have considered themselves friends before that. Maybe another plot would have worked better for me there? But like this it just really bothered me! + the conflict in the second half of the book annoyed me a lot, it felt weird and like it was just used to drag out the book and I hated it. Tbh the book would have probably gotten a better rating from me without the last ~40 pages or so.

I liked the build up that happened during the conference and the side characters were also interesting. Then it even still made sense that they didn’t know that much about each other since they had very little time and were just planning on a couple-nights-stand, but after living together for a week they should have at least gotten to know each other a bit more, but like I said, at least we readers weren’t shown that.

I loved the chase in the first part of the book, the worries about whether or not this would have a future or just was a couple-nights-stand, their sexual chemistry was there, but sadly the book dragged out for too long, so the ending fell really flat and I didn’t really enjoy the story.



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