Something There

Author: Jayne Coleridge33310600

Publisher: Less Than Three Press

Publication Date: 15. February 2017

Rating: 1/5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters, PoC

TW: cheating, drug use by side character

Summary: Dana and Ariel have been best friends since they were children. When Dana decides to finally stop wandering and return home to open her own business, becoming roommates seems the perfect arrangement—except for the part where Ariel hopes that her smoldering crush will stay under wraps. All seems well until Dana decides to impulsively marry her latest fling, and Ariel realizes it’s speak now or forever hold her peace.


Order here: amazon | LessThanThreePress


Sadly this story was a huge miss for me. I won an e-copy in a goodreads giveaway and was super excited to read it, but sadly it didn’t really work for me. It also wasn’t at all what I expected. (I had hoped to be shown their friendship and why Ariel is in love with Dana, how they live together and so on, but there’s barely anything of that….)

The story was really confusing, mostly because the character’s made no sense at all. They were apparently 30+, but they acted like teenagers, doing stupid impulsive things like running off to Vegas and getting engaged to a girl you’ve know for a week or so. Now, of course, people older than 30 can also act like complete idiots sometimes, but it was just way too much in this story.

I also felt that there was way too little build up in Ariel’s and Dana’s relationship. If Ariel hadn’t told me every two pages how in love she was with Dana, I probably wouldn’t have realized it at all, since their interaction is not much. It also made the cheating storyline feel incredibly bad since I didn’t feel the chemistry between these two. Skyyler (yes, with two y’s), Dana’s fiance, is never treated like an actual character and despite having proposed to Dana, she doesn’t get a real closure after Dana breaks up with her (she’s said to not even have been angry which?!?! makes no sense, they wanted to marry each other and then her partner cheats on her and breaks it off with her and it’s just??? no reaction?? I hated it). It was similar with the other characters, they were all quite flat and boring.

Also, the time skip at the end (30 years in the future) felt really forced and weird and messed up the story for me even more? I know it’s supposed to be cute and give us closure, but it just confused me even more. (f.e. there’s a quite explicit sex scene in the novel and in the end it’s  supposed to be a “how I met your mother” kind of story and just??? gross????), so yeah, not a fan at all.


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