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LGBT+ Fairytale Retellings

Let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good fairytale retelling? The magic of our childhood reimagined through a new lens. For me as a lesbian it is especially lovely when someone takes these stories and transforms them to be more inclusive of LGBT+ people. Princesses getting their happy ending with another girl (or in a lovely polyamorous squad!). Ariel meeting a gorgeous sailor lady. Or Peter Pan as a trans man struggling with toxic masculinity and his confusing feelings for Captain Hook. So here are my top 4 LGBT+ Fairytale Retellings that I’ve read and loved, plus another 4 LGBT+ Fairytale Retellings that I’m really excited to read! (as well as two LGBT+ webcomics that are inspired by Fairytales because webcomics are great!)


Peter Darling



A gorgeous retelling of Peter Pan this book is definitely one of my favorite retellings. Set in a more grown up Wonderland to which Peter returns after realizing that he can’t continue living his old life. But instead of quarreling with Hook, his Lost Boys have grown up and just want to survive. Not even Hook really wants to fight Peter anymore. What will happen to their rivalry now? TW for transphobia and suicidal thoughts (goodreads)

Winterbourne’s Daughter


A very fantastical retelling of Snow White this story is only marginally influenced by the fairytale (still enough to be recognized easily). At times it reads a bit like Game of Thrones with all its intrigues, but it is way more diverse and has lovely relationships and a load of character’s you can really root for. (And others you can gladly despise). Lisette, a trans woman is the main character and a princess, but due to a coup, she finds herself stuck in the servant quarters and now she has to find a way to save herself and the people she cares about. Plus, there’s a positive portayal of polyamory and so many wonderful bi characters. TW for transphobia and attempted sexual assault (not of the MC) (goodreads)

The Dark Wife



A retelling of Persephone‘s descent to the Underworld, where Persephone went willingly with Hades to escape the ever watchful eyes of the other Gods and the harsh choices she is forced to make. But then she finds much more happiness in the Underworld than she thought possible and she’s not sure if she ever wants to leave again. TW for rape (not the MC). (goodreads)

Love in the Time of Global Warming


It’s been a long while since I’ve read this book, but I remember that there’s a lot of LGBT characters in the cast and that while it’s kind of trippy I enjoyed it. It is very closely linked with The Odyssey and sometimes overplays that part a bit (it really reminded me a lot of it), but it was still an interesting book. Also look at that cover, I still love it! (goodreads)

To Read:

Lost Boi



An ownvoices nonbinary Peter Pan retelling that deals with growing up as an LGBT youth, about homelessness and poverty and subcultures like Punk or a full-time BDSM lifestyle. This book is probably not for everyone, but I’m super excited to read it. (goodreads)

The Seafarer’s Kiss



An Ariel Retelling with a bisexual MC and it’s ownvoices! What more could a gal want? (next to the fact that the writing is said to be gorgeous? – exactly nothing) (goodreads)

The One Hundred Nights of Hero


A graphic novel retelling of Thousand and One Nights always centering around women with an over-arching lesbian plot. Oh yes please! (goodreads)



A lesbian Robin Hood retelling from Marian’s perspective. I’ve heard it’s more like a Prequel than an actual retelling, but it’s also supposed to be really sweet so I’m excited to check it out. (goodreads)

And since I’m a sucker for webcomics, I honestly can’t help but recommend these two as well:

Princess Princess


A humorous fairy tale that is kind of Rapunzel inspired (except not), this webcomic is simply cute. It is only 44 pages long, but incredibly adorably. Plus, you get the cutest butch knight with kick-butt-hair ever. She’s amazing. Trigger warnings for emotional abuse and fatphobia. (Read here)

Mora and Stima Apei


This webcomic is inspired by Romanian folklore. It is quite bloody and definitely very horror inspired filled with Romanian folklore creatures. But it is also really interesting and has beautiful art, so if you can handle horror and gore-y parts you should definitely check it out. There’s a lesbian relationship and a disabled MC and while it’s not yet finished (and currently on hiatus) I am very excited for it to continue! (Read here)

So anyway I hope you found books that sound interesting to you and that you liked this list. However while making this list I realized that there are very few books that feature non-western fairy tales. I tried to look for them, but I couldn’t find any. If you know any I would love to check them out! I wish you a great day 🙂


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