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Diversity Bingo 2017 – TBR/Recomendations

I know, I know, 2017 is well on its way already (can you believe we’re already halfway into February? I mean I kind of can, considering how terrible this year already was, but still!), but I decided to finally post my Diversity Bingo TBR List (plus some extra Recs that fit the category if I found them!). The books I’ve already read will have links to my reviews (if there’s no link my post is probably in the queue waiting to be published) and ratings next to them.

Romance with a Trans MC:

MC with an underrepresented Body:

MC of color in SFF:

West Asian Setting:

Black MC (own voices):

Indigenous MC (own voices): 

Non-Binary MC (own voices):

Neuro-diverse MC (own voices):

Own Voices Latinx MC:

Arab MC (own voices):

MC on the ace spectrum (own voices):

Diverse non-fiction:

SFF with disabled MC:

Retelling with MC belonging to LGBT+:

Free Choice:

MC with wheelchair:

LGBT+ MC of color: 

POC on the cover:

Practicing jewish MC:

Bisexual MC (own voices):

Non-western (real world) setting: 

Book by author of color:

Visually impaired MC:

  • Run #ownvoices

Deaf/hard of hearing MC:

Indian MC (own voices):

MC with an invisible disability:

Own Voices:

Biracial MC (own voices):

Book set in Central America:

  • ?

Immigrant or refugee MC:

Displaced MC:

MC with anaphylactic allergy:

  • ?

MC with chronic pain:

Pansexual MC (own voices):

Contemporary world arranged marriage: 

Hijabi MC (own voices):

If you know anymore books that would fit here, please tell me, especially for the categories where I’m still missing books. If I made any mistakes (filling ownvoices when it’s not, forgetting to fill ownvoices when it is, completely shelving the book wrong) please tell me, so I can fix it.

Other people’s DiversityBingo TBRs & Recommendations (they really helped me make this list tbh):

If you’re also doing DiversityBingo2017, I wish you much luck and fun and a great reading experience!


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