Drawn Together

Author: J.D. Glass33812911

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Publication Date: 18. January 2017

Rating: 2/5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT characters

TW: abusive relationship (manipulation, emotional abuse, graphic threats of murder), one quite graphic rape scene planned and assisted by partner in order to get other character pregnant, self harm, drugging, lesbophobic slurs (the d slur), cheating and a car accident.

Summary: After an unsatisfactory relationship, graphic novelist Zoe Glenn Edwards is determined to remain single. She is happily married to her work and plans on keeping it that way. Dion Richards is an author, trapped by ugly circumstance in a sham marriage. Her work is her escape.
Both are well-respected in their individual fields. Their professional circles overlap. So do their sensibilities. A collaboration draws them into a fantastic working relationship and new friendship. Zoe is highly respectful of Dion’s circumstances, and Dion… she will do anything to keep those she loves safe from the threats hanging over her. What will these two ‘unavailables’ do when they discover they’re unmistakably Drawn Together?


Order here: ylva publishing

Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Zoe, internet name wanderer, is a graphic artist. She is well-known and widely respected in the comic book scene. Her drawings enable Dion to “read” them, they are so beautiful, while Dion’s writing feel to Zoe as if she’s watching a movie, it’s so intense. When they start talking, Zoe already gushing about Dion’s art they soon leave the stage of pure admiration of the other person’s art and become best friends. But Dion’s wife, Kerry, is not happy with their relationship and will not stop at anything trying to keep Dion with her.

The story is incredible intense and nearly up until the last page you’re left worrying about the characters. Sadly the character’s are not very well-developed and you for example never get to know how Zoe looks like or her backstory, only a little bit about a cheating ex-girlfriend. Because of this the character sadly felt very flat and while I couldn’t help worry for them with the terrifying depths they had to survive, I still didn’t feel a big connection to them. All of the side-characters are very two-dimensional as well (the really evil villain, the protective brother, the lovely mother, the strict producer).

There was also some terrible kitsch and I hated the constant stream of “You’re my best friend, no you’re my best friend, we’re best friends forever!”, it felt quite repetitive after a while. There was also a really weird scene when our two mains find happiness in each other and just call each other babe in literally every sentence for at least a page. It was just too much too fast and nearly made me not want to finish the book.

There were also a lot of character’s introduced, some for which we only got a small background story ages after they were first mentioned. That and a bunch of perspective changes made it somewhat hard to follow the story line, but it was still interesting.

I also have to say that I can understand why Dion stayed in that terrible relationship, even though it seemed at times as if she was quite stupid, but Kerry had a lot of power over her.

The ending was really unsatisfying as well, too smooth (SPOILER) and Kerry just got to walk away, after everything she did and suddenly decided she didn’t want to follow through on any of her threats that she made? (SPOILER ENDING) It was super weird and while I like a happy ending, this one was too abrupt and didn’t make a lot of sense.

I did like the idea of how the story was told with e-mails, blog entries, both personal ones and of the story Zoe and Dion are collaborating on and SMS files, this definitely added to the flair of the story.

All in all I really wanted to enjoy this story, but due to its unsatisfactory ending and the flat characters I sadly couldn’t.








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