Transformed: Paris

Author: Suzanne Falter, Jack Harvey31842689

Publisher: New Heights Publishing

Publication Date: 13 September 2016

Rating: 4/5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters

TW: racism, murder, nazism

Summary: Transman spy Charley MacElroy travels to Paris to help French authorities break up a Neo Nazi plot to scatter dirty bombs throughout the city. His older lover Electra comes along to study French, but she soon discovers Dickie Borque, an sinister British aristocrat with lavender hair, may be behind the plot. Charley, however, is not so sure.

Meanwhile, she and Charley begin having love troubles when he suggests opening up their relationship to suit his pansexual desires. After discovering that he may have been fooling around with his attractive new male assistant, Electra moves out in a huff. Soon Charley is wandering the quays alone, trying to find the dirty bombs while wistfully longing for his love.

Electra enlists the help of Dickie’s feisty eighty-something milliner, Odile, to break up the plot. But then suddenly, Electra disappears. Now Charley must search frantically for both the bombs and Electra amidst the cafes, conversation, and the gleaming, rainy streets of Paris in winter.


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Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


The two main characters of this story are Charley, a pansexual, polyamorous transman, and his girlfriend Electra, a dominatrix. Charley has been sent to Paris on a mission. A group of Neo Nazis apparently plan to plant bombs all over the city, but so far not enough proof has been found. In between all of this Charley also has to deal with trouble in paradise. After he suggests a polyamorous relationship, Electra completely shuts him out. To her it sounds like she is not good enough for him and she can’t deal with that. Separated like this the two now try to figure out what is going on and how to find the bombs.

We are also immediately introduced to Dickie, a rich old british lady, who hates what became of her beautiful France. Overrun by immigrants as it is, she wants to free it. Cask, a Neo-Nazi, with a thirst for publicity will plant the bombs for her. Their chapters are incredible interesting to read and like the other characters both of them have a unique personality and are multi-dimensional, which definitely enriched the story, even though I enjoyed Dickie’s plot a little bit more. And then there is Odile, a lesbian hat-maker and she is definitely one of my favorite characters. She is a good friend with Dickie, but disagrees heavily with her stance on immigrants. When she figures out that Dickie wants to harm people to get what she wants, she immediately steps up to stop her and this definitely made me like her a lot. She’s also a really interesting and funny character to read about.

The writing of this book was really nice, the descriptions of Paris amazing and the story line interesting. The book kept me enraptured from the first to the last page and I liked it. Once again Electra and Charley had to overcome certain obstacles and deal with their relationship problems. They are definitely one of my favorite couples. All in all it was once again a lovely detective novel, with a wonderful diverse cast of characters and an amazing storyline. I hope we get to see more of Electra and Charley in the future.


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