The Impending Possession of Scarlet Wakebridge-Rosé

Author: S.L. Saboviec30354752

Publisher: Seven Twenty-One Publishing

Publication Date: 3rd October 2016

Rating: 3/5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters, POC

TW: religious homophobia, child abuse, nazis and holocaust mention, character death

Summary: Scarlet Wakebridge-Rosé, busy executive and less-than-stellar mother and wife, has a problem that only an exorcist can solve. Except she’s not precisely a devout Catholic parishioner any longer, and to gain assistance from the Church means telling a whopping lie of omission.

Fortunately, she discovers Father Angelo Ambrosio, whose commitment to helping the afflicted means he’s willing to overlook the things Scarlet prefers to keep hidden. Unfortunately, his sordid past keeps him under a microscope with the bishop, who’s not so liberal in his views.

But the demon harassing Scarlet is relentless. It makes its motives clear: in a previous life, she struck a bargain, promising it her body on her fiftieth birthday. Now, she and Angelo must unravel the mystery surrounding her forgotten past in order to stop the possession by next week or risk losing her to the depths of Hell forever.


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Disclaimer:  I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Scarlet is a black lesbian, living with her wife and her daughter. But for a while now she felt haunted by some weird presence. When therapy and pills don’t help her and the presence gets more and more terrifying, she turns to her last refuge. An exorcism led by a catholic priest. A race against time begins as Scarlet and Father Angelo try to figure out how to save Scarlet and her family.

I enjoyed Scarlet’s character most of the time, she was wonderfully flawed but I couldn’t help but root for her. We can see how she struggles with the stress the impending demon possession puts her trough, which at times causes her to lash out at her wife and her daughter. It was also amazing to read a book featuring an older character.

Angelo was also an interesting character, he is haunted by his past in which he did dark and terrible things. To be able to help Scarlet he has to deal with it. His story takes a long time to unravel, but I found it definitely refreshing to read about a non-homophobic catholic priest, who is still faithful.

I adored Zoe. In her chapters I felt that the writing was particularly strong and she is definitely a character you just have to feel sorry for. She is probably my favorite character. Her characters were really dark and twisted, I loved it.

The writing was pretty good and I got sucked straight into the story. I was incredible happy how diverse the story was too. Sadly I think some of the subplots could have been done away with, they just felt stretched out for too long (like the homophobic exorcist helper at church)

The ending was truly disappointing for me. I won’t spoiler it here, but it definitely let me down a lot and so the story only gets three stars. It just felt like a great disservice to some characters.


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