Follow Your Heart

Author: B. Kevin Tirrell32021151

Publisher: Langdon Street Press

Publication Date: 18th October 2016

Rating: 3/5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters

TW: homophobia

Summary: Rusty Jackson spent years crafting the perfect life with his high school sweetheart, Jenny; his own construction company, and a house he built with his bare hands. When an oddly intriguing police officer named Jason Lane shows up bearing tragic news, Rusty’s world is turned upside down. Months later when he encounters Jason again, both men find themselves in a surprisingly different spot. While Rusty doesn’t fully understand his attraction, and Jason fears falling for a confused straight guy, they play an electrifying game of push and pull, hoping to find their way to happily ever after. When they run into a family foe in Las Vegas, Rusty’s confidence is tested. Can Rusty wrestle down his insecurities for Jason or are some habits too powerful to break?


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Disclaimer:  I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Rusty’s wife Jenny has just died in an accident. The cops who bring him the bad news are Jason and his partner George. For some reason Jason feels immediately drawn to Rusty and decides to visit her burial. When Rusty calls him a month later to invite him to a beer, Jason agrees, wanting to get to know Rusty better. When his feelings grow stronger than just friendship he feels trapped, afraid to get hurt. But George tells him that Rusty feels something for him to. On a holiday in Las Vegas secrets will be revealed.

I enjoyed Jason’s character, especially in the beginning where he talked about his job and we got to know him. He takes his job as a cop very seriously, he has a great partner, who is also his best friend and he’s been out and proud since his teens.

Rusty however is a bit more closed off, unsure of what he is feeling for Jason and struggling with the loss of his wife.

Thankfully both of them have great friends who are always by their sides, Jason has George, Rusty has Emmy and both of them are well fleshed out characters, who also get quite a bit of spotlight, they enhance the story wonderfully.

At times however the story didn’t really flow in my opinion, dialogue didn’t really fit and since the book is quite long (or at least it felt really long) the plot dragged along for quite a while. and while the writing at the beginning and in the ending is very good, it kind of drops during the middle of the book, which is quite disappointing. I also found the constant changes of perspective, often in the middle of chapters to be really confusing.

Something that really bothered me was the non-use of the word bisexual. Despite Rusty affirming that he loved Jenny, his former wife, and people constantly saying that he would have probably stayed with her and truly loved her if she hadn’t died, everybody, Rusty included, is quick to label him as gay. Former Straight turned Gay. The worst thing was probably said by Emmy when she first said that sexuality is not a black-and-white issue and that many people are not 100% straight and 100% gay. But of course a “true” bisexual is attracted 50/50. Everything else (like more attraction to man than woman) means Not-Bisexual. (People can lean more towards one gender and they are still bi!)

*deep breath* Apart from this and the writing issues the story was nice. I enjoyed the characters and it was an interesting setting. The ending is really great though.


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