Just my Luck

Author: Andrea Bramhall31332346

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Publication Date: September 2016

Rating: 4/5. Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters, Autistic Characters

TW: cheating

Summary: Genna Collins works a dead end job, loves her family, her girlfriend, and her friends. When she wins the biggest Euromillions jackpot on record everything changes…and not always for the best.

When Abi Kitson fell in love she always knew it would go unrequited. The woman of her dreams was so close yet seemingly untouchable for so many reasons. Reasons like – they are best friends, or the big age gap, or the ‘other’ woman, nevermind Abi’s own baggage. And even when those reasons crumble it seems luck just isn’t on her side.

It’s a learning curve for both of them. But what if money really can’t buy you everything you want? What if the answers aren’t hidden in a big, fat bank balance? What if happiness is right in front of them? They just have to reach out…


Order here: Ylva-Publishing

Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Genna’s life is pretty normal. She works a boring job with boss she hates, has a girlfriend who works all the time and teaches dyslexic people to read. Oh and her father left her family when she was a baby. When she catches her girlfriend cheating on her she feels guilty. After all she knows she has feelings for another woman…

Abi is most of all one thing: a mother. She loves her daughter Rosie, who has Down Syndrome, but because she can spell her name and tie her shoe laces she has to go to a normal school. It’s terrible for her there, as some of the teachers are horrible people. But she also harbors feelings for her best friend and nothing about that is easy. To make means end she works as a telephone sex worker. It’s not her favorite job, but it pays the bills and she enjoys the girls-only hotline.

But then Genna wins the lottery and suddenly she is rich. That means she should be happy right? But a disastrous relationship, ungrateful family members and her unrequited feelings for her best friend make it all a bit too much to handle. Money can’t buy happiness after all. Or?

This book was written from two points of view and at first it takes a bit of getting used to it, but they where well written and so it was okay. It also helps to get to really know the characters and understand their fears and hopes.

I loves Genna as a character, she just felt very real with her fears and anxieties, self-esteem issues and her unrequited crush. Abi is also well written and it was easy to understand why Genna was so fascinated and attracted to her.

I especially adored Rosie, she is an adorable kid and she is just precious. The other secondary characters where also pretty well fleshed out.

I was however a bit sad that there was no mention of bisexuality, especially in the scenes where Abi was questioning her sexuality, it kind of seemed as if there’s only straight and lesbian as options which was a bit disappointing. The only time bisexuality is mentioned is in a way that feels a bit icky. “I wish to God that she was gay… or bisexual. Hell, I’d settle for curious as long as she experimented with me.” It makes it seem as if bisexual woman are just experimenting with their attraction to woman…

At first the story progressed rapidly, but I felt a bit bored during the Will They – Won’t They (tell each other they have feelings for them?) as it felt a bit dragged out. But it has many funny scenes, the romance is nicely done and the sex is hot.

All in all it was a very good romance story and I enjoyed it a lot.

Why I read it: Lesbian Romance, hello?!?

Do I recommend it: Yes, definitely. If you enjoy lesbian rom-com with very funny scenes and an interesting family dynamic then you should definitely read this book.


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