The Ghost of Buxton Manor

Author:  Jonathan L. Ferrara31389365

Publication Date: 12 October 2016

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Diversity: LGBT Characters (gay)

TW: homophobic murder, historical homophobia

Summary: He is a lost soul, I am a ghost.

There is not a single thing I remember about my life. I died nearly a hundred years ago, yet I haven’t the slightest idea to why I died at the young age of seventeen. ALWAYS I’m trapped within Buxton Manor, without any means of traveling beyond my quarters. I spend my time reading and writing. By the way, literature is my only connection to the physical world, yet why that is is yet another puzzle I can’t seem to solve.

It’s rather lonely here, stuck IN such a grand manor, but I do enjoy the rare visitors: Bloody Mary, the Weeping Bride, the Headless Horseboy, and of course, the jolly old ghost, my therapist of the Deceased. They’ve all tried to help me, aiding me in uncovering my unfinished business, but so far they’ve proven ineffective.

All that is about to change. A new family is moving in to OUR family estate; the first family in over a century, including a boy my own age (or at least the age I was at my time of death). I don’t know what it is about him that I find so fascinating. It seems he might have seen me, or at least, dreamt about me because, you see, he’s drawn me. He’s an artist, rather good actually, and he has drawn me since he was a little boy.

Aaron, this boy who I thought was a perfect stranger, he helps me remember….


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Disclaimer: I received an e-copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.


An amnesic ghost is stuck in a gigantic villa with no idea how he died, why he died or what he is trying to achieve by staying on earth. All he can do to deal with his boredom is read the libraries books as they are the only thing he can touch. That isn’t that big of a problem until a family moves into the house. Now Rupert, the ghost, has to figure all these questions out to finally remember his life.

He feels immediately interested by Aaron, a young artist. The boy reminds him of someone from his past life and slowly with the help of his ghostly After-Life therapist he starts to remember. It won’t be an easy journey.

Rupert also meets three other ghosts, send by the Necromancer, who offers to help him get his revenge.Our Horror Trio is always a source of amusement, but they fit well within the novel.

The book is based on unsolved mysteries connected to JM Barrie and the Davies family, who served as an inspiration for Peter Pan. The story is made even more moving as it is also based on Jonathan, his husband Aaron and their relationship, which makes this book incredible personal and makes it feel very real.

I absolutely adored the choice of POV even though I’m not always a fan of First Person. But in this case it felt realistic and was nice to read, probably due to it being #ownvoices. The sometimes odd choice of words felt very realistic as well considering it was about a ghost who died in 1917.

The lore based around the ghostey after-life was nice thought out and i liked the world building as well.

One thing I didn’t quite enjoy was (once again) the Insta-Love. They met and already they are kissing. It does however make sense considering they fact that Rupert and Aaron are soulmates, though I would have loved to hear if they already lived a former past life together.

There are some amazing plot twists but they all make sense in the book and the book is long enough to truly explain what happens, nothing feels rushed. At first it was kind of hard to get into the book and it felt a bit drawn out but after the first 30 pages or so I wasn’t able to put the book down anymore.

I also absolutely enjoyed all the Peter Pan references.

This book broke my heart but in a good way! I laughed, I cried, I had such an amazing time reading this book. It’s just lovely! All in all i guess you could say this book truly lifted my spirits ;D

Why I read it: a paranormal gay romance!! written by #ownvoices!!! Do i honestly need to say more?

Do I recommend it: Did you read the above?! Yes!!! It’s also wonderfully written and an amazing YA, a nice mix of historical fiction, murder mystery and paranormal soulmate romance!!


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