Always Human


Author: walkingnorth

Publisher: Webtoons

Rating:  5/5 Stars

Diversity: People of Color (black), LGBT Characters (sapphic)

Summary: This is a story about nanobots, genetic engineering, and two girls falling in love. No matter how technology changes us, we’ll always be human.

Read here (Warning: Autoplay! The music is super nice but I know that Autoplay can be super unsettling if you don’t expect it)

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I am a big fan of stories with androids and i enjoy stories that explore the merging of human and machine, so this story definitely interests me.

BIG BONUS! All the lgbt characters: canon agender & genderfluid characters! A canon aro-ace character! A pansexual MC! (for now only mentioned in the comments by the author and not in the story however, but it will still happen!) Biological mixed race children from two Dads! How nice is that?

The story starts when Austen and Sunati meet at the train station. Set in a futuristic 24th century Australia (not Austria, which is where I come from :P) in which people can change their looks easily by using mods that are powered my Nanobot technology. Sunati is fascinated by the girl who never changes her looks. She thinks she must be really brave. However when she offers her a Hay Fever mod a few days later it turns out that Austen has a rare auto-immune disease that makes it impossible for her to use mods. Talk about meeting awkward, ouch! Thankfully for us when Sunati asks Austen to go on a date with her after their first coffee together she agrees to get to know her better.

Even though it starts off a bit too quick for my taste as I am, like I said in previous posts, not a fan of Insta-Love this makes me laugh bc it’s just such a U-Haul lesbian stereotype 😀 I would still have wished for them to get to know each other a bit better before they start dating but it is still an incredible sweet story about two girls falling in love. I also enjoy that there seems to be no homophobia and racism in this society, which is always a refreshing setting for a sci-fi story. (Sure thing, your characters can literally book a holiday on Mars and yet they’re still prejudiced af? God, I hope not!) It’s just incredible refreshing, considering there are so many sci-fi stories and yet the characters are so often prejudiced, which gets boring after a while.

Their interactions are always incredibly cute and I love exploring a world in which characters can change their looks as easy as breathing and what it might mean to not be able to do that in a society like this.

I would have hoped for a bit more exploration of that society, to see more people react to Austen’s condition (you can see nicely how she is at a disadvantage because she can’t use mods in terms of studying – but honestly how cool would a memory mod be? Latin Class would have been so much easier!) and the fact that she can’t change her looks trough a mod. I would have also liked a bit more explanation about disabled people in this society. We know some people refuse to use mods (the Naturalists) and that mods can cure illness (at least hay fever). Can mods be used to help (speak “cure”) disabled people? If yes how are disabled people treated who refuse to use mods? How about disabled people who can’t use them because they have the same condition as Austen? Are houses built to be accessible for maybe existing wheel chair users or are they simply expected to use mods to be able-bodied? (yes I’ve been thinking about this a lot! The answer would really interest me!) And what about poor people? Apparently mods cost quite a bit of money, so I’m wondering if they achieved Utopia and nobody is poor, or if there are poor people who are at a disadvantage because they can’t afford f.e. memory mods. I have so many questions left! Thankfully that web comic is not yet over and I will definitely stalk the author’s tumblr, maybe I will find a few answers to my questions.

The art is truly gorgeous and Rae, a side character, is one of the most beautiful characters I’ve seen in a while (be still my beating heart <3), but I also love the way the australian landscape is drawn, it’s really magical.

I also cried a lot while reading this web comic and only half of that crying was because my mother chopped onions, I swear! *sniff*

I think the way the characters (especially Austen) reacted to stuff was very human and plausible, so I enjoyed that as well.

Another thing I really love is that Sunati’s mom asked her daughter not to change the colour of her skin when she uses mods. Considering how widespread whitening creams are and how colorism especially effects dark-skinned people it’s nice to see stuff like that in comics!

P.S.: If you want a laugh read the comments, there are sooo many straight people freaking out cause *gasp* girls who like girls!!! Not like it says so in the description….. But I definitely admire the author, not only for her amazing art style, but also for staying nice and polite with all the ignorant comments and for keeping going despite the homophobic comments. Honestly I admire that a lot!


Why I read it: I asked for webcomics with sapphic girls in them and I was blessed with this goodness. I am honestly so happy, this is one of the best webcomics I’ve ever read.

Do I recommend it: Yes, yes and yes again! If you enjoy webcomics and girls kissing girls this is a must read! It’s amazingly diverse and incredible adorable and the art style is just amazing!


If you’ve read this web comic please feel free to tell me who your favorite characters are.

I hope you have a lovely day!


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